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Nominee Services

The Nominee Services we provide are for administration purposes only. We do not actually get involved in the running of your company and are on the Companies House register as an administrative role. 

Nominee Director

UK Company law requires that before company formation can be completed directors information must be registered in the public files of the Companies Registry. 

Please be advised that should your company require the directors to be subject to any regulatory body either in the United Kingdom or elsewhere we cannot stand in the position of Nominee Director.

Nominee Shareholder

The nominee shareholder company formation service is when a company created for the purpose of holding shares and other securities on behalf of investors. According to UK company law all shareholder's information must be recorded in both the company's statutory registers and at Companies House.
Nominee Secretary

The Nominee Secretary will be a company acting as your company's secretary. Nominee secretaries can add value to your company formation but do not usually have an active role or function in the actual running of the company.

Our nominee company can act as your company secretary. You are free to resign our secretary at any time and appoint whomever you choose.